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Greg Bamford has 60 plus years of experience in sports, 40 in tennis as follows:

TENNIS ACHIEVEMENTS…. 31 years unbeaten out of 40 years. Losses = 2 years losing in bizarre circumstances, 2 years of Covid-19 and 5 years looking for a new venue to coach in.

Adult Team Tennis (Performance Coaching, Match-Play):

February 2004 to July 2008. Trained Queens Club 2nd Ladies Team. Unbeaten for 2004, 2005 and 2006 seasons, (gaining promotion to the Premier Division) in 2006.

May 1991 to July 2004. Trained Queens Club 2nd Men’s Team. Unbeaten for first six years from 1991 to 1996 gaining promotion to the Intermediate Division in the Middlesex League and generating a fantastic atmosphere and team spirit and putting Queens Club firmly on the map. 1998 to 2000 were years of rebuilding the team as the original squad had work and family commitments.

January 1996 to July 1997. Trained Middlesex University Ladies. Unbeaten for those two seasons including beating Oxford and Cambridge twice per year in both years.

April 1982 to August 1986. Trained Hartswood Men’s 1st Team. Unbeaten for those four years.

In 2008 trained a 95 year old man to win the World Over 90’s Championship in USA.

Children’s Group Coaching:

May 2015 to Date: Children’s groups, Adult and children individual at South Park, Fulham, making junior winners in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

January 2014 to May 2015: Children’s groups at Clifton Primary School, Southall. Also working with two special needs children.

May 2011 to July 2012: Three children’s groups at Kensington Prep and two children’s groups Twickenham Prep. All using the mini tennis system, developing performance tennis for match play.

September 2010 to April 2011: At The Pavilion Club, coaching three children’s groups on Saturday mornings using the mini tennis system. Organizing adult club play on Thursday and Friday mornings.

1994 to 1999 and 2003 to April 2008. Coaching children’s groups at Queens Club on Saturday mornings five and six year olds.

1994 to 1996. Coaching ladies groups at St. Georges College, Weybridge. Also one wheelchair player for one term.

Individual Coaching:

1994 to Date: Coaching adults of all ages and juniors from the age of three. Greg’s emphasis is on improving Client’s level every hour they have a lesson, or at the very least to develop more consistency over previous lesson.

Greg has also coached some very promising juniors.

June 1991 to 1994. Built up a successful following throughout London teaching tennis and fitness training. Coached the only two juniors had at that time, to win their Rating Tournaments and be promoted from 15.1 to 15. This was a condition to passing the “Part II (ICA/CCA in 1994)”.


1986 to 1989 coached two juniors to win their ratings tournaments.

More recently in 2008, 2009 and 2010, he coached a six year old and an eleven year old who both could win against two age levels higher, not just in our club, but other clubs and in other groups around the world when they were on holidays.

From 1990 to date, working with ADD and autistic children.